Raf Squadron Operations Record Books

Raf Squadron Operations Record Books

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550 Squadron And RAF North Killingholme Association

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Nevertheless, I would not propose utilizing it if the file contained a lot of tables or visuals. In spite of improved conversion software program, the compact display and insufficient colour isn't going to bode properly for images plus the like. Raf squadron operations record books Download. The British Royal Air Force, Operations Books provide a daily record of events within each squadron.

The operation record books provide a comprehensive record of each squadrons operations during the Second World War, the operation record books comprise of the following: Summary of event forms (also known as Form ).

When it is a member of the Royal Air Force from WW2 that you are researching, the Operations Record Books (ORBs), which are being released in batches on TheGenealogist, are essential reading in order to follow the person in the squadron's day to day activity. These diary-like records allow the researcher to see named pilots and airmen and learn something about what they were involved in. Record books in this series provide a daily record of events in each squadron entered on Formwith appendices including some photographs (many of which may have different covering dates from.

The recent addition of Royal Air Force Squadron Operation Record Books (ORBs) covering the Second World War to subscription website TheGenealogist will be welcomed by many. 17/08/  RAF Operations Record Books are a mine of information and come in two Forms. Form Summary Of Events.

ORB - RAF 112 Squadron

This covers the given squadrons activities for a given month. ie postings of officers (not other ranks) to and from the squadron.

Royal Air Force Squadrons - The National Archives

operations carried out by a given aircraft and crew. As the war progressed the ORB's became more detailed and. Search the operations record books (AIR 27) by squadron number and date range on Discovery, our catalogue (charges apply).

‘Summary of events’ forms, also known as formand ‘detail of work. AIR - Records created or inherited by the Air Ministry, the Royal Air Force, and related bodies Division within AIR - Records of the Royal Air Force AIR 27 - Air Ministry and successors: Operations. SQUADRON - THE OPERATIONAL RECORD BOOK – With additional information Compiled and Edited by Tobin Jones Binx Publishing, Pevensey House, Sheep Street, Bicester. OX26 6JF. Please note that the contents of this disk are protected electronically against unauthorised copying and use.

If you are not the owner of the Sqn Operational Record Book CD-ROM or are not using. 06/02/  In very recent news just to hand, as of 6 Feb, The Genealogist has acquired "fully searchable" RAF Squadron Operations Record Books sourced from TNA AIR 27 holdings.

Described as "the first batch", the release covers somerecords (presumably pages), however, there are no details of how many or which Squadrons are represented. Operations Record Book for No 3 Squadron. These National Archives records are the first batch of AIR 27 records to be released by TheGenealogist and provide a terrific insight into the working of many of the flying operations that RAF aircrew completed. This searchable recordset is unique to TheGenealogist.

Operations Record Book for IX(B) Squadron. IX(B) Squadron Operations Record Books (F & F) are available below.

403 Squadron Operations Record Book 1944 - Royal Canadian

Operations Record Book 1 ( – Dec ) Operations Record Book 2 (Jan Dec ) Operations Record Book 3 (Jan Dec ) Operations Record Book 4 (Jan Dec ) Operations Record Book 5 (Jan Dec ) Air Historical Branch (RAF).

The Operations Record Book was thus intended as a running history recording the life of each RAF unit in peace and war, its content laid down by formal regulation. The extent to which these requirements were met in practice and in action is another matter, varying not only according to the immediate needs of the chain of command but also in depth, completeness and accuracy, both over time and between units.

OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK DETAIL OF WORK CARRIED OUT By No. 41 Squadron RAF For the Month of November, ; Date. Aircraft Type & Number.

Crew. Duty. Time. Details of Sortie or Flight. References. Up. Down. Spitfire IX: EB-V RM EB-A RM EB-R MB EB-Z EN EB-C BL EB-D MB S/Ldr 'Skipper' Merfort P/O 'Bird' Irwin F/O 'Mac' Steele F/O 'Zach' Z.

Lamothe. 12 Squadron - Operations Record Book - June Each RAF Squadron complied a daily diary of events known as the RAF Form "Summary of Events". This normally consisted of weather reports, crews posted in and out, very basic operation details and training activities. As such they are a very important historical account of squadron day to day life. Complementing this was RAF Form.

12 Squadron - Operations Record Book - July Each RAF Squadron complied a daily diary of events known as the RAF Form "Summary of Events". This normally consisted of weather reports, crews. OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) No. 41 Squadron RAF May, ; Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events. Reference to Appendices.

Lympne: After having been disbanded for a fundamental reorganization, 41 Squadron was reformed from the remains of the old squadron.

RAF Squadron Operations Record Books | WW2Talk

The squadron is currently based at RAF Lympne as part of the Wing, which will move to the continent. AWM64 1/ PART 4 - [RAAF formation and unit records] Operations Record Book, No Squadron, March - March [Part 4 of 4: January - March ] AWM64 1/ - [RAAF formation and unit records] Operations Record Book No Squadron, 16/2/ - 31/7/ - Operational Statistical Summary No/ Squadron, 1/7/ - 11/8/ 05/12/  Operations Record Books (ORBs) are official air force documents chronicling an air force unit from the time of its formation.

They were intended to be an accurate daily record of the operations that the squadron carried out in peace and at nycq.skechersconnect.com: Chris Paton. 20/12/  In a release of over half a million records, this is the first batch of RAF Operations Records Books (ORBs) to join TheGenealogist’s ever-expanding military records collection.

The operations records books are for squadrons primarily after the First World War but there are a few early squadron records from to These documents tell the stories of these brave aircrew who Author: Chris Paton. These records, kept at TNA under reference AIR28, are from the series of Operation Record Books (form ) and appendices (form ) for RAF Stations. This also includes some Operation Record Books for RAF Stations which, although under British command, were. 23/01/  The Squadron’s Operations Record Book produced during WWII provides: a monthly summary of events (Form ) a daily “detail of work carried out” (Form ) which lists the serial number, crew, duty and flight times relating to each aircraft movement, along with any remarks /.

Squadron, with 12 a/c, was at the bottom of the Wing with Squadron in the middle and Squadron on the top, left North Weald at hours and made rendezvous at Clacton-on-Sea at hours with the Hornchurch Wing as escort to 12 Bostons at 9, to 10, feet. North Weald Wing was escort cover at 11, – 12, feet and Biggin Hill Wing was top cover at 13, – 15, feet. The National Archives has placed records from AIR27 online, the Squadron Operations Records of the RAF held within the Air Ministry collection.

The records are accessible from Documents Online, and searchable by squadron number and date range - most records start in the s, though there are some earlier entries. Today we saw an Air Lift Party, including the Squadron Adjutant, F/O A Birchnall, the Clerk, Cpl W Codern, our technical Sgt, Sgt S.G. Williams and the remainder of the Wing HQ personnel that were left behind to service our aircraft, leave for France in a flight of ten Dakotas which took off from RAF Tangmere at hours.

When we joined them on Landing Strip B.2 near Crepon France, we. Squadron RAF: No. Squadron, R.A.F. Operations Record Book - This document comprises part I of the Operations Record Books, AIR 27/ (October - December ) LINK - (Acrobat PDF, k) I have also made it available as Form LINK - (Acrobat PDF, k) and Formseperately LINK - (Acrobat PDF, k) Complementing this infomation is the Appendices.


R.A.F. Operations Record Books That Tell A Storyteller’s

29/12/  RAF Claims Sun May 12 If you can take a trip to London and the Public Record Office, you should have no difficulty finding the Operations Record Books of RAF squadrons and (with a little luck) the combat reports of the pilots concerned. All these things are on microfilms there I guess you're talking about combats over. From a micro-film of the Squadron Operational Record Book, (RAF Forms ), which was a chronological record, I have been able to compile in alphabetical order of the Pilot's names, lists which show the crew members who flew with them on each operation.

Pilots who flew as Second Pilots with other crews are shown as (P2)s, and are cross-referenced back to their own Crew Listings. However if. View digital copy of record. Title RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] Number 3 Squadron Jul 25 - Aug RAF Sqn Operations Record Book (copies of the Squadron's Operations Record Book Daily Summaries (RAF Form ) taken from National Archives copies.) graciously donated by The Howe'nycq.skechersconnect.com David J.

and Son Gerry Howe, Captain, Sqn Trenton, Ontario, Canada both RCAF members past and present. Record books in this series provide a daily record of events in each squadron. Aircraft - Locations-Group and Duty - Books. No Squadron had two incarnations during the Second World War, first as a night fighter squadron which served both at home and in the Mediterranean, and then as a Lancaster squadron in Bomber Command. The squadron was formed from 'A' Flight of No Squadron, which flew from Squires Gate to Ballyhalbert on 14 Octoberand began.

Squadron Records (Operations Record Books or ORBs) for the Second World War are available online via the The National Archives’ (TNA) nycq.skechersconnect.com are also in the process of being added to TheGenealogist. These can be used to create a list of all the flying operations that RAF aircrew completed as aircrew are usually named. Squadron RAF: Welcome This website contains a selection of information on No.

Squadron, R.A.F. gleaned from my research in public records. No doubt the most popular section will be my transcription of the Operations Record Books, AIR 27/ (October - December ) and AIR 27/ (January - May ), but there is a variety of other information from the ORB. OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK DETAIL OF WORK CARRIED OUT BY No. R.C.A.F.

Squadron FOR THE MONTH OF August Date Aircraft Type and Number Crew Duty Time Up Down “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Typhoon MN OPERATIONS RECORD BOOK of (Unit or Formation) No.

ORB - 263 Squadron

(Can) Squadron. Place: Date: Time: Summary of Events: Hurn, Hants: June 4/ Another bright sunny day. Arrived at Dispersal this morning to find all aircraft with their invasion markings painted on them. Ground crew completed the job between hours and hrs. in the morning. Word was. The squadron was active from the second day of the Second World War, dropping leaflets in the night from 4 to 5 September over nycq.skechersconnect.com 1 September till 10 October the squadron was loaned to RAF Coastal Command and spent six weeks carrying out convoy escort duties from RAF Prestwick, before resuming bomber nycq.skechersconnect.comions Record Books seen at the Public Record Branch: Royal Air Force.

The Operations Record Book RAF Form is essentially the Operational Diary of an RAF Station. Like the Squadron ORB RAF Formthis ORB records the daily occurrences on the station. The ORB (often made up of a number of books) was opened when an RAF Station became operational and was closed when the Station ceased to be an operational unit.

The Station ORB is a valuable. RAF East Kirkby – “Call Sign – Silksheen” East Kirkby today The control room with Group Capt Taaffe (thanks to Imperial War Museum).

The RAF Form “Operations Record Book” of RAF East Kirkby opens in mid-July showing frantic activity as an operational heavy bomber airfield was under construction. Civilian contractors, primarily John Laing & Son Ltd were at work to provide. No. Squadron (RAF): Second World War. Home - Book Shop - Wars - Battles - Biographies - Timeline - Weapons - Blog - Full Index - Subjects - Concepts - Country - Documents - Pictures & Maps.

Follow @DrJohnRickard Tweet. Aircraft - Locations-Group and Duty - Books. No Squadron was an anti-shipping and anti-submarine warfare squadron that largely operated over the Bay of Biscay from. Operations Record Book - March, 1. Your initial Operations Record Book was of comparatively high standard and it is hoped this interest in its compilation will be maintained.

2. Your attention, however, is brought to the following points: (a) The name of the compiling officer should appear on the first page of F each month.

No. 41Squadron RAF - Operations Record Book

(b) It is important that the original copy should be in. The Operations Record Book; (Squadron records in AIR Class 27, for example) or on paper (such as OTU and AMES records, in AIR Class 29).

RCAF Operations Record Book: F/O Gordon Waddell WWII RAF Squadron Operations Record Book s - posted in General: One of my little areas of research is that of Squadron Bomber Command, as the missus' uncle was a Flt. Chris Ward’s detailed narrative, based on the squadron’s Second World War Operations Record Book, is complemented by several hundred photographs, many published for the first time.

Inthe New Zealand government had ordered thirty Vickers Wellington Mk1 bombers. RNZAF aircrew were despatched to train on the new aircraft at RAF Marham.

Published in MayStriking Through Clouds is the only comprehensive history of Sqn. Drawn from the squadron's official Operational Record Book, Striking Through Clouds covers the entire life of the unit from its formation in September to disbanding in August Every raid is documented with the contemporaneous summary and combat reports with night fighters.

The Squadron Operations Record Book reports “Owing to adverse weather conditions many personnel on L.S.T.s were unable to land and returned to Southampton. Personnel fed in ‘dryshod’ 2 days prior to landings, took the opportunity of making themselves fully aquainted with the local geography by gleaning all available information from local hostelries.” Some personnel were given a week.

Operations Record Book Squadron. SQUADRON - INDEX The ORB's in this index are made up after the copies of the originals pages.

We have built this study around original documents using the Squadron “Operations Record Book” (National Archives/London Air 27), the 57 & Squadrons “Raid Book” (RAF Museum Hendon) and Squadron “Ops Record” (RAF Museum Hendon) and East Kirkby "Operations Record Book" (National Archives/London Air28) as primary sources, supported and supplemented by material from.

No. RAF Beach Balloon Squadron consisting of Nos. 51 and 52 Beach Balloon Flights, helped to protect the beaches in the JUNO area during Operation NEPTUNE, the assault landings in Normandy, France – D-Day, 6th June There is no Operations Record Book available for No. Squadron during its period as a Beach Balloon Squadron.

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