Where To Sell Old Comic Books

Where To Sell Old Comic Books

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Why Sell Old Comic Books to Us? We treat you fairly, and with respect, at all times. We know that the decision to sell old comic books can sometimes be a tough one to make, due to a cash crunch, and that your books may have sentimental as well as financial value.

There are multiple places you can sell comic books, including online comic book stores, local brick-and-mortar comic shops, auction websites, auction houses, and local classifieds. Below, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each; but first, it’s helpful to understand what. 6/9/  If you are in a hurry and don't care about getting top dollar, then a local comic shop that sells back issues could be a great way to go.

Call ahead to find out when the buyer is there and bring them on down. This can be a great way to offload some comics quickly and make some cash. The comic shop cannot give you retail for your comic books. If you've stumbled across a treasure trove of comics, then Sell My Comic Books is a great place to find out what you have.

Use our articles to identify and value the comic books in your collection, or let us do the hard work for you with a free appraisal. When you want to sell comics FAST, then we should be your first point of contact.

Looking to sell comic books online? With 40 years experience and % happy customers. Instant payment on accepted offer. 7/1/  The first and most obvious choice to sell your comic books is your local comic book store. In order to sell comic books at the best price possible, you need to attract the right crowd and know the right buyers, and your local comic book store has these connections. So they will be willing to pay a decent price for your comics. If it's not on our want list, then it's usually a common comic and not worth very much.

If it is worth enough to sell, you can use our online want list to sell it. Look up your comic using the search on MyComicShop to see what we're selling it for.

Look up your comic on eBay to see what other copies are being listed for sale at.

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Even better, use the options to see eBay completed listings, since a completed sale is more. Show Us Your Comic Book Collection. We like to buy from true comic book collectors, the ones who loved their books, loved the hunt for their comic book collections and once they got them, took care of them like they were works of art!

A website set up to aid the comic book enthusiasts in the UK to sell some of their unwanted comics.

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Tags Batman Comic comics DARK Horse DC Hampshire IDW Marvel New 52 Portsmouth Punisher Sell My Comic Sell Your Comic Southampton Spider-Man Star Wars superman UK Comics. In the right hands, old comic books can be worth a pretty nycq.skechersconnect.com instance, if you're lucky enough to have an original Star Wars tie-in comic tucked away in your comic book collection, it could be worth as much as $12, according to Scoop Newsletter's Industry News.

6/5/  1. Know the Best Place to Sell Comic Books. Life is simpler if you can find a way to sell your old comics offline. Buyers can easily check conditions and you don't need to risk using the postal service. Try your local comic store: many stock back issues, and might be interested in your nycq.skechersconnect.com: Philip Bates. Comic books can be worth a few dollars and even over a million dollars.

Comics are broken into 4 eras: Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age. Golden Age are the oldest and rarest from the ss. The article posted in other answers here is good. As someone who has been selling comics in some capacity for 45 years, I find nothing to quarrel with in it.

The way to get the most cash out of comics is, pretty obviously, to sell them yourself r. Sparkle City Comics is the world’s #1 largest buyer of comic books. We spend MILLIONS each year purchasing everything from six-figure pieces to entire collections. We generally look for comics from and earlier, but we also buy a lot of modern ones too. We also buy comic art.

We Buy Comic Book Collections. We love comic books so much, we don't just sell them, we buy them too! Whether you're cleaning out your own personal "fortress of solitude" to make room in your house, or if you're another comic shop like nycq.skechersconnect.com fill out the form below - or call us at and let us know know what you've got.

7/13/  While sites like eBay or Sell My Comic Books can be good, you might be able to get a slightly better deal in person.

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3. Consult your local comic book store and Half Price Books but don’t commit immediately. Unsurprisingly, stores want to try to make a profit. If those are old DC or Marvel comics, and if they're in pretty good shape, you could get a bundle. My advice is to go online and find a few different sites that have comic price guides. You'll get a bit of variation in prices, but you'll also get a pretty good idea how much your stuff is really worth!

Long time comic collector here. 1/23/  Got comic books you want to sell? Sell on Craigslist of comic books! This awesome comic book classified has been around since It has been featured on tons of sites. This is one of those sites where you can sell book worth a few dollars to books worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

9. DecluttrAuthor: Saeed Darabi. Best place to sell books in Toronto | Bmv Bookstores Please sell us your gently used books, comics, DVDs, CDs, Vinyl records, and magazines. Let someone else enjoy them.

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BMV pays cash for items we can re-sell – everything from a couple of books to entire nycq.skechersconnect.com buys quality items in good condition that have resale value. We buy and sell rare, old, and collectible books as well as fine, used and quality second hand books.

Located in Sydney, Queensland and the Southern Highlands, Berkelouw Books is Australia's largest second hand and antiquarian bookseller. Usually the biggest factor in the valuation of comic books is era.

So, a comic from the s is usually worth more than one from the s because there are fewer of them around. However, comics from the s & earlier are most often the era that can have some value. #5 – Sell Comics Online with Dylan Universe Comics. Donate comic books from the Platinum Age, Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, or Modern Age to charity and take back some closet space! The tax deduction rewards far outweigh having to sell the Comic book collection yourself, and the proceeds benefit families in need across america.

12/18/  Typically, comic books from the 80's and 90's tend to only be worth around 50p or a pound in the UK. You may be best simply trying your local car boot sale as books from this period don't get many bids, many get none at all. Here at Nostalgia Zone we buy comic books, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, books, magazines, toys, games and other pop culture artifacts.

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How To Sell Comics To Nostalgia Zone If you have comics or other items you think we may be interested in, just email ([email protected]) or call () or even stop on in if you're nearby (a. 1/10/  They have to go through the hassle of promotion, advertising, and paying staff to sell the comics.

Heritage Comics and Morphy Auctions, are both auction houses that specialize in rare large comic book collections. Home | GetCashForComics Turn your comic books into CASH.

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We're buying vintage comics, CGC graded comics and entire comic book collections. Most big websites want your quality comic books on consignment or for their auctions. Turn your comic books into cash! We are paying top dollar for your vintage comic books (with cover price of $ or less), CGC graded comic books, and comic book collections.

No one pays more cash than we do. Fill out the contact form below to give us a description of the comic books you are looking to sell.  Chicago Comics is interested in your old comic books!

We are most interested in pres issues, but we offer bulk rates for modern books! The books we are most looking to buy are comics with a or cent cover price. These are the books that have a better chance of. David has written a number of published Pop Culture articles, and ina book on collectible comics, Picker’s Guide: Comic Books, published by Krause.

He has also edited and digitally restored art for two reprint books, Henry Speaks for Himself (Fantagraphics, ), and Walt Kelly’s Fables and Funnies (Dark Horse, ). Nostalgia Zone Comic Books. East Lake Street Minneapolis, MN - COVID RESPONSE AND HOURS.

There are a variety of places and methods where you can sell your comic book collection, including brick and mortar comic book shops, online comic book stores, auction houses, auction websites, and even classified ads.

But when most sellers consider these options, selling their comic book collection by mail may seem a bit antiquated.

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We're the biggest internet-only comic store in the world and we sell about 22, comic books each month. Inover million shoppers visited our online store -- that'sshoppers each month. Read more about our success here Take a quick video tour of our fulfillment center.

HOW TO SELL YOUR COMICS AND ARTWORK. Comix Revolution’s buyer, Gary Colabuono, is a nationally known, award-winning retailer, collector, historian and expert on the pricing of old comic books and artwork. Gary was the owner of Moondog’s, Chicago’s largest chain of pop culture stores fromand is the former CEO of the Chicago.

10/31/  You can also sell books the traditional way on Amazon, by setting up a seller account and listing your books.

If you do this, you’ll have to set up a product page for each book you plan to sell and wait for a buyer. This is totally doable, but it does take some commitment. 4. Powell’s Books. nycq.skechersconnect.com is an online marketplace for new, used, rare and out-of-print books, and we have millions of secondhand and rare books listed for sale by booksellers around the world. Well known to book collectors and booklovers, our site is an excellent resource for discovering a rough value of an old book.

9/26/  Funny, how the blog is titled, Get Rich Slowly and this post probably tells an opposing story. I think letting the comic books sell themselves over years would not have been a bad idea at all. If some money was needed so urgently, they could have done some research and sold a bulk set (non-critical) to get that.

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How to Sell Comics By Mail-Dylan's Easy 1,2,3 Method: 1. You send us an email with your name, city and state,a list of your old comic books, and any other information you have about the collection. We'll ask you for pictures of certain ones. (We also respond quickly.:) 2.

We'll make you a competitive offer on your old comic book collection. We’ll pay top dollar for your dusty treasures and we’re always buying!. Back to the Past Collectibles is always on the hunt for pop culture treasures of all sorts, from comic books to rock posters, as well as coins and military items.

Whether you’re planning to go digital, trim your collection down or want to sell textbooks at the end of the academic year, we’re here to help by helping you sell second hand books!

It's easy: just get an instant price, send your books for FREE and we'll pay you the same day they arrive. 8/12/  How to Sell Rare Books. If you have a very old book, you might be hoping you can sell it and make some money. Maybe you've seen shows like Pawn Stars or American Pickers, where people cash in their antiques for piles of money.

Or maybe you 90%(79). Comic Books: Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign, Collect. We offer Modern, Bronze Age, Silver Age, and Golden Age comics. If you're looking for a hard to find back issue, we probably have it. If we don't, add it to your want list and we'll notify you when it's in stock.

This Week's Features. Get the best deals on Old Comic Books when you shop the largest online selection at nycq.skechersconnect.com Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. I have a collection of comic books for sale. Avengers mostly from issues toFantastic Four toand Silver Surfer early titles. Email for a list in pdf or excel format. Most are graded Near Mint. I tried to grade them myself, and be conservative, but some may be a to off (mainly listed), those listed at + are NM.

My second tip is to try to sell your comics at as many different places as possible. There is a huge list of places you could sell your comics, such as eBay, Craigslist, nycq.skechersconnect.com, or at comic conventions or shops.

If you try to sell your comics on eBay, and you're only offered chump change, you don't have to accept it. More Places to Sell Your Used Books. Amazon: If you're okay with receiving gift cards instead of cash for your books, Amazon has an excellent book buyback nycq.skechersconnect.com advertises that it pays up to 80 percent of the value of a book, and that could prove to be significantly more than what book re.

7/20/  Where is a good place to sell old comic books in nyc the comic books i have are about 20 years old Im looking for a place that would give me a good deal on them Report as inappropriate. 7/20/ matthew h. New York, NY; friends reviews .

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